Issue with quadcopter … ata_player

i have been trying for 2 weeks to fly a quadcopter, till now created 2 frames, the first was a 1.4kg in total and the new is 1.8kg in total, spec as follows
apm 2.5.2 fw 3.1
esc 30A
motors 28-30 800kv
Battery 4s 5000 mah
prop 10×4.5
Diameter around 65 cm

All calebration is done inc esc…

The copter is unstable… even if the apm is armed, the motors do not spin, raised the motor arm to 100 still noting, if the motor stops spinning due to low throttle it dose not spin agin after throttle is at max

if I managed to make it fly, it starts shaking like crazy… need serious help, thank you

video to explain

tlogs or dataflash logs of your flight stabilization issue are much preferred over a video.

File Attached

thank you