Issue with Mavlink control for SimpleBGC gimbal controller

Hi Ardupilot forum,

I am working on getting a gimbal to work with GPS point tracking through mission planner.
My system setup is:
Pixhawk 2.1 with Here+, Firmware APM: Copter V3.5.7 Octa, using Mission planner 1.3.56 as GUI.
Gimbal Controller: SimpleBGC Tiny Pro, encoder version, Firmware 2.63 b0 ENCODERS

I have connected TELEM2 from Pixhawk to SimpleBGC Tiny Pro RC Serial AUX3 (Rx) and RC_Yaw (Tx).

My gimbal relevant FC parameters:


(All other SR2_**** is set to 0)


In SimpleBGC32 GUI:

Mavlink tab:
Serial port=RC_Serial
System Id/Component Id): 1 / 154
Port Settings: 115200, none parity
Options: Send Heartbeat=Yes, Query RC Data=Yes.

Hardware tab:
Serial connection: Swap RC_Serial <-> UART2 Ports =Yes

With the above settings I have connection to mavlink and can control the gimbal with RC API inputs, but I have no control from mission planner.
Status is:
AHRS: OK, GPS: OK, RC: OK, Control: no

I’ve had this exact setup work before (mavlink control with GPS pointing etc.), and I went to turn it off and on again and for some reason it does not work anymore. I have redone the process numerous times but with no success.
Do you have any clues as to what I might be missing?

Thank you