Issue with Frame Type Select

Running Mission Planner build
Trying to configure a PIXHAWK 2.4.8 for my F-550

Running Wizard in Intial Setup

Under Select your Frame type
Under UAV Selection: COPTER > I select the Hexacopter icon upper right
Select next takes me to the Select your frame layout.
All i see are Quad frames or the y6b . I do not see a Hexa layout.

What am i doing wrong? or do i just select the X layout quad

Reading This may help.

Thanks but that article is now a little dated.

You must choose the frame type now which in the first graphic above is offering not quads, but an X, Plus, H etc oriented frame, using a quad example.

The second graphic is offering a choice of the number and configuration of the motors.

I need to update that article and write a new one about the Wizard.

Thank You Mike and Hari,

I had figured that the X was what i wanted but did not want to apply power if it was not for a Hex. I understand and will continue finishing up the wizard setup. Hopefully having a flying F-550 this week!