Issue with FFT in new Mission Planner 1.3.75 build

Hello All.
Yesterday I executed an AltHold flight with a quadcopter in order to try to set after that the Gyro Noise Notch filter.
I performed the FFT with Mission Planner 1.3.74 and I got the graph attached called “FFT en AltHold ACC0 y GYR0 con Mission Planner 1.3.74”.
The plan for today was to set the filter in the flight controller, then make another AltHold flight, download the nwe bin file, performa a new FFT and then compare results.
Before that, today, Mission Planner updated to 1.3.75. Then I tryed to perform the FFT to the bin file I got yesterday and I found that the amplitudes are at least one order of magnitude smaller that the obtained yesterday for the same file (see “FFT en AltHold ACC0 y GYR0 con Mission Planner 1.3.75”).
The only difference is the Mission Planner build.
Any one knows if there is some problem with FFT in current Mission Planner build?

i would suggest opening both logs in the same version, this way they can be assumed they are relative to each other.

at a guess there is a scale change as the new unit is in db, vs unitless in older versions

Thank you Michael.
Using Mission Planner 1.3.75, I performed the FFT on both bin files: without and with filter.

The file corresponding to the filter is 2021-08-01 12-04-17.bin
INS_HNTCH_REF = 0,142915 (equal to MOT_THST_HOVER)

It seems that there is little difference after applying the filter
(without: 2021-07-31 17-27-12.bin with: 2021-08-01 12-04-17.bin)

Post a link to those 2 logs. Perhaps in a new post in a different thread.