Issue with connection between radio and receiver via Mission Planner

Hi all,

I’m a new drone enthousiast and I am planning on building my first drone boat.

I’ve been able to design and build the hulls (catamaran incoming) and I’m getting to know the electronics more and more each day.

However, one problem that keeps coming back and that I haven’t found a solution to is the following:
I’m using Mission Planner to configurate my parameters and every time I try to calibrate my Radio, there seem to be no connection to my controller whatsoever.


Can you help me make the connection?

Thank you!

PS: The light on the receiver turns on when powering on the Pixhawk.

RX configured for a recognized protocol (Sbus , PPM, etc)? Connected to RCIN pin on the Pixhawk?

Hi Dave,

Thank you for your reply!
The Receiver is configures for SBUS and is introduced in the RCIN of the PixHawk like mentioned here:

I have never heard of HOTRC before so can only speculate. Do you know that’s it’s bound to the Transmitter?

How can I do/check that?

Well, you would know after going thru the binding procedure which is required on all RC system. Not many auto bind, you have to follow a procedure. Usually the LED on the Rx changes color, or goes from flashing to solid but who knows with that radio system. Do you have a manual?