Issue with AC3.4-rc1


Tested the Copter 3.4 RC1, and found an issue which never happened before with the 3.4 Dev.
-After takeoff with Copter, I had to apply full right yaw trim.
Without trimming it started slowly spinning around.


There must be an issue since AC 3.4-rc1.
I had to increase the Rate Yaw P to 1.2 (one point 2) and the D to 0.1
With Pixhawk and AC 3.3 Rate Yaw was: P=0.2, I=0.02, D=0.0

The PID’s for Rate Roll/Pitch are also much higher than the defaults.
P=0.35, I=0.1,D=0.01

With the defaults it was not to control. (Over 30 testflights)
Frame DJI F550 1.9 kg. with Pixracer.

Hi CommandAir,
We really need logs to work out what is happening.