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Issue while submitting a pull request

Recently I tried making my first contribution to Ardupilot by changing some typos and grammatical errors as I am fairly new to this , but during my pull request submission phase it is showing “PR run failed” because the request failed one test case out of the 56 test cases.Any suggestions what should I do next ???
Thanks in advanced

Welcome, Its only a read-me change so its no big deal. Easiest way is to re-base and force push to trigger the tests to re-run. You could also take the chance to change the commit message to:

README: fix grammatical errors

You can also jump on the dev discord and ask someone to re-start the tests for you, that is also a great place to ask development questions.

Well… you can wait until someone fixes the flapping test - or dig in and
try to fix it :slight_smile:

Otherwise, generally someone with rights will poke the test to rerun it…


Thank you so much for the answer!!! It did fix my problem.

Thank you sir for the suggestion

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