Issue setting up joystick in Mission Planner


First time here.

I have this weird problem setting up a joystick in Mission Planner, after configuring all parameters in the joystick screen and everything seems work correctly until I click the enable button and the response of the axis X and Y is thrown 45º clockwise, so when I push the joystick forward the joystick screen shows like if its pushed front right, and the same happens to every direction, but everything else seems to remain normal.

I have reproduced the problem in 3 computers running the latest Mission Planner, Win 7 x64, Laptop or Desktop, and 2 joysticks, an old Logitech Cordless Rumblepad and Microsoft Sidewinder Precision Pro (this is the one that I wanted to use for flying).

Any ideas what could be the problem? the joystick and control pad seem to work correctly before enabling and after disabling the joystick, on windows joystick control panel and games.

The Drone setup is an X-8 flying wing with APM 2.5

Thank You

does it work correctly if you use a standard transmitter. ie no joystick

Yes, it seems to work correctly.

I’m still trying to configure everything in Mission Planner and the APM before trying to fly the drone, but manual control from the transmitter seems to be working properly.