Issue motor stop without disarm with LOG

I’m flying hexa and now with 2,5kg payload.

Randomly while flying (very close to the ground for caution) all motors stops or mainlly back motors stops (its fast and I’m not sure, but copter tilts backward in fall) but motors do not disarm…

I have one battery for system circuit 3S with UBEC and other battery 6S to motors.

I’ve tested 3 packs of 6S battery and this happens in all packs.
Also tried another 3S battery for system and issue still happens

I’m suspicious for UBEC, ESC and lastly the battery.

I send one log file to see if someone can help me find the origin of this issue


?? any idea

Can’t find the reason… Can someone give me one idea?

Sorry, can’t open that log, it is corrupt… If your copter is flipping in stabilize mode, the options are:

  • THR_MIN too low (are your motors stopping on the ground?)
  • Hardware (ESC power wires, ESC signal wires, ESC, ESC sync issues, motor wires, motor, prop adapter)

Thank you for the tips, but all made sense with this video:

I was flying without payload very nice (<50% throttle) now with payload I have to use a more then 50% throttle.

At higher rpm Simonk firmware has issues with high count pole motors, and that is why it falls from the sky :slight_smile:
Luckly never damaged nothing because I was flying very low.
Not a problem with APM