ISSUE during TAKEOFF procedure

Hello everybody,

I need to understand the weird behaviour I have encountered on my new hexa.
This Hexa has completed just two flights so far and I need to properly perform PID tuning, actually I was ready to perform autotune but during take off (STABILIZE MODE) due to frontal wind hexa has lost stabilization and almost flipped over.
I have aborted take off procedure and tried once again compensating take off procedure using pitch and Roll input, doing so I was able to taking off. I was wondering if this is normal?

Below the link to download the log file, it could help to better understand this behaviour, further if you notice anything strange please let me know.

Looking forward to your reply.


Before you can do autotune, you must do Tuning Process Instructions — Copter documentation.

Have you done that?

Hi, yes I have followed all the indications listed in the link you have posted.

I have decided to run autotune because the drone is flyable in althold mode.

Said that, as to takeoff procedure, is it normal to use pitch and roll input in order to compensate stabilization due to frontal wind?

Wind was about 4 m/s…

Sure it is in Stabilize mode. Fly if Loiter in you want les manual input.

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Sir I wonder about every newer version after I think 4.0.2 are very very good straight forward to direct autotune and it’s really look good and also 2 or 3 time autotune it’s perfect flying , why after 4.0.2 are little faulty (it’s not mean bad , it mean little bit odd)

I was everytime plug and play , players and now everytime needs tuning , my totally meaning is default pids are best before 4.0.2

@Moksh there has been no changes in default PID values in 4.0.3 nor in any of the other versions. You can check the release notes, and the github commit history.

The default PIDs are the same, we fixes bugs in the code, but did not change the PID values. Can you please explain your problem better? Or is it just speculation?

Nope , im always looking the default pids setting which given by soo many experiment.
No even in arducopter also looking on betaflight , emuflight , inav also some time kiss keychain configurator , it’s work totally fine for me , some time I need to tune then I change default setting