Issue Controlling a Servo as a Servo in Auto

I am using a Pixhawk 4 with Rover 3.5 and want to set a servo to 1 of 5 different positions (1200, 1300, 1500, 1700 & 1800) when it hits a specified waypoint then HOLD that servo position until instructed change to the next PWM value at another specified waypoint.

NOTE - Yes, I have read the documentation -

I have GroundSteer and Throttle to output 1 and 3 respectively, and have the servo connected to output 4 as RCPassThru.
In Manual mode it works perfectly from the transmitter as seen in the Servo Output:


In Mission Planner I created a basic plan from my house with the following commands:-

When driving out the flight plan servo does not move as each waypoint is reached.

What am I missing here?

Thank you

I think it is because it is set as a pass thru. Pass thru just takes the transmitters signal and passes it thru to the servo output.

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@Fishton. According to the Wiki you should change SERVO4_FUNCTION to 0. At the moment you have it set to 1.

Hi David, yes, 1 is PassThru.

Let me read that document again.

… Oh ok yes, you are right.


Thank you David.
Changed servo to #7 and SERVO7_FUNCTION to 0 and all is working fine.