Is this mRobotics GPS/Compass unit supported in Rover 4.0.0?

The mRobotics unit has two compasses:

LIS3MDL and IST8310

Is this mRobotics unit supported in Rover 4.0.0?

How can I figure this type of thing out myself in he future?



Good day, yes its fully compatible… on while fc you must install it?
Dual compasses will give you good results in redundancy.
If you plan use it on a rover you can look for mRo SAM GPS + IST8308 Mag (Full Size) MRO10037…

Thanks David, I plan to use on it on a Navio2 and maybe also a Pixhawk.

I like the MRO10037 unit. I actually have the similar unit with the smaller backplane antenna and it worked well in both Arduplane and Arducopter applications.