Is there anybody that try ashtech MB100 RTK GPS?

I’m starting with this RTK GPS and found too little information about it.
I’m looking for a basic initial setup/configuration of base/rover…


I’ve ping’d some other developers to see if any of them have experience or advice. If we get it figured out I’m happy to add some info to the wiki… but let’s see if anybody knows anything about this GPS! :slight_smile:

It seems that it’s not used by the comunity.
Anyway, I will finish test board this weekend, so next week I could try it.
Is ardurover firmware capable of read NMEA msj? wich msg do I need to enable in my RTK GPS in order to let AP to work?



yeah, I guess not many people in the community use this particular GPS.

Yes, ArduPilot (all vehicles) supports NMEA. In recent versions though it’s necessary to set the GPS_TYPE to “5” (for NMEA). We removed NMEA from the “Auto” option because it was too common for uBlox GPSs to be incorrectly detected as NMEA because they sometimes send both NMEA messages and the uBlox binary messages.

Went to see what the MB100 RTK GPS was - Trimble product, now discontinued/end of life.

yes, but a RTK GPS is too expensive and it is what I have… So working with it anyway