Is There Anybody Here!?

Is there anybody here using Windows 7 to set-up there Pixhawk, all I get is (port error # 12) when I try to do a firmware update I do not have 12 USB or com ports on my PC and I know it is plug in port #4 HELP!!!

I use only Win7 and Mission Planner to setup Pixhawks.
In the flight data screen when you open the program are you selecting the right port at the top of the screen before going top the firmware page?
Have you installed any driver?
When you plug the Pixhawk in does it go through loading a driver and finally telling you the com port is ready to use?

Hi Mike

Yes the first time I plug it in the PC it did the drivers, I will try Mission Planner and see what happens

Thanks John


I just tried plugging in the PC and seeing what port would come up and it goes to port 12, but I know it is on port 4 I think this is bad, I will keep trying and see

Well I was able to upload the firmware to 3.5.5 using Mission Planner, so now all I have to do is set-up up the helicopter, I am going to use QGroundControl and see how it goes

Thanks for the help John