Is there any way to use a Can GPS on an I2C bus

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I have the Matek F405-VTOL which is replacing a pixracer. The Pixracer has a Can port and the F405-VTOL does not. I am wondering if there is some form of I2C to Can port converter. I have seen a number that are can to I2c but not the other way around.
I have a nice Can based GPS that I would like to keep using. But so far have found no way to do that.
Any thoughts would be appreciated.


no, you might be able to use it as a serial GPS. you will need to check what ports your GPS has.

it only has a can port…

You will need another GPS module.

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Many CAN GPS modules cost more than the lesser expensive autopilots that support them. Maybe consider a slightly more fully featured autopilot?


Everyday there are posts about this and that F4 based Flight Controllers with this and that issue. Mostly solved by the “H” for a few bucks more.

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I can get omnibus f4pro boards for £30, a h743slim is over £90 most people are building these for fun they arent going to spend more than they have to.

I confess I have not spent a lot of time learning the difference between an F and an H. For me it’s a piece of hardware and as long as it does the job. The chip set is irrelevant.
That said perhaps I need to look at it more.
I specifically picked the F405-VTOL from Matek because it was geared towards VTOL aircraft which is what I am building. I have not seen an H chip set with the VTOL design. If there was one I would go that route.

Boards with F405 CPU are pretty much bare minimum for Ardupilot. While they are suitable for simple builds they aren’t suitable for more complex vehicles,.for example needing Lua If you are designing an UAS you should plan and know how different components will communicate with each other, preferably before buying expensive hardware.

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Any board will work for a VTOL if it has the channel count. If you stick with Matek a H743-Wlite board would be a good choice. Any in the H743 line would work but the Mini would be a pain and perhaps you need some BEC’s.
Ironically the Quicktune Script was initially developed for VTOL but it has broader application. A VTOL board that won’t run the VTOL script :frowning_face:

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Hey Dave.
I will have a look at the H boards. I don’t have an issue buying something different. The F board was a freebee but I liked it’s integrated PDB that supported a VTOL config.
My bad I guess for not paying attention to the chip sets. I just always ran a pixracer so never gave it much thought.

Any recommendations on an h board and vtol pdb.


Are you using a 4in1 ESC for the lift motors? That kind of works as a PDB. What kind of VTOL?

Hey Dave.
No to the 4 in 1.
What’s interesting is that the pdb for the f7 board looks like it fits the h board.
The pinout and board design are exactly the same, just expanded for teh extra power connections.


Funny, I was just looking at that!!! Hmmm indeed…

IF you say the H board is a good board I will grab one. I have always trusted your judgement.


In general it’s a great board, I have a few. Slims and a mini. The Wlite boards look nice. If you have space and want 2 IMU’s then the Wing board would be the choice but more expensive of course.

BTW-I sent Matek an inquiry about your unconventional idea that would be cool if it worked :slight_smile:

I ordered it.
Even the pinout for the interboard connector has the same pinout. It’s the exact same board they just widened it and added extra pads.

I overlayed the drawings. I confess they are drawing so there is some chance of me being wrong but gee.

The yellow outline is the F7 vtol pdb.

You are right. Matek replied to my question with an Aliexpress link for a F405-vtol PDB/bottom board which can be had for $22. The page says it’s compatible with the H743-wlite.
This is a really nice option for a VTOL.

Matek Vtol pdb

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I have ordered the H7 board.
It’s awesome that it’s so compact and with the input from you and the rest of the community here. I have also solved my GPS problem lol.
One question however, I notice that these boards have dual camera inputs. How do you switch between them. I don’t recall an Arduplane setting for camera switching.

Just curious.

Dave as always I appreciate your guidance.

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oh Dave
You asked what kind if VTOL.
Here are a few picks of the work in progress.

This is part of the tail system.

Wings are under the table.

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