Is there any way to connect bidirectional from tablet via bt/wifi to tx16s and to pixhawk via telemetry?


I’m searching sincecsome days for a way to connect my tablet/phone via bt or wifi to my tx16s and use the telemetry for bidirectional coms to the pixhawk = it is for a boat, I would like to use the app “carp pilot” to send the boat to a stored waypoint.

I already bought a bt-module with uart, I soldered an inverter (there is a video), I can connect to the module (the led changes blinking), but I can’t get thing working.

In the boat there is a pixhawk 2.4.8, X8R with yapuu-cable, yapuu-script on the radiomaster tx16s is working fine.

I would like to have the possibility to send commands to the pixhawk like (as I was told) its possible on the skydroid t10.

Could you please help me? I read everything I found, but all the topics were not specifically bidirectional.

This is the most complete video Using Bluetooth to transmit Smart Port telemetry - YouTube

My module is modified like that, I can connect to it. But I don’t get data to the phone => I don’t have any module in the THX16s, I also have a second unmodified module => i don’t get any data on the left UART-port, nothing on the right, nothing on the back in the back at the module box.
But it is nowhere mentioned if ths is a bidirectional connection, or at least not in the way I could understand it like that.

Are there any other options? Or do you have any suggestions for me?

Thank you in advance!