Is there any way of getting GPS location of drone without telemetry?

I have a GPS installed in my APM 2.8 FLY and for radio controller I have Flysky FS-i6S 2.4GHz 10CH
is there any way I can get GPS location of my drone in my mission planner through it because I can see a usb port in my controller is there any way to connect it to laptop and get the gps coordinates

Maybe but it would be far easier to get a telemetry tadio and put one eng on your laptop and the other end on the fc

yes but the issue is the budget

The ESP wifi radios or some bluetooth radios are quite cheap, and you can wifi or bluetooth direct to your laptop.

As Shawn suggests go with a ESP8266 Radio. Range is limited to ~100m but they work fin for some purposes (configuration, calibration). You will need an FTDI adapter to program the cheapest ones that don’t have a USB port.

Yep i use an 8266 that came with a pixracer and they work well (once they are set up with correct fw etc which was a bit of a pain) and they are really cheap. I just see them as effectively a long usb connection for config and some basic monitoring close in