Is there any alternative to MAVSDK for Ardupilot in 2021?

I am looking at the examples of MAVSDK and I see how handy they are to use, but unfortunately I cannot make them to work with Ardupilot.

Is there a modification of the software that works for Ardupilot?
Is there any other C++ library that can work with Ardupilot?


There are at least three possibilities:

  1. MAVROS works great with Ardupilot.
  2. You can use pymavlink to generate C++ Mavlink code that you can use.
  3. it should be possible to fix MAVSDK to work with ArduPilot as well.

Thanks for the info. Has somebody done it yet?

Checkout this example:

Works great in SITL.

not working well with Ardupilot yet.