Is there a way to wirelessly receive the data value of the device using RS-232 communication protocol from my PC?

I am the development team of a company that produces and researches various products in Korea.
Our development team’s thinking is limited, so I’m posting this because I want to ask for your thoughts.
We integrated Pixhawk and YSI EXO 2S,
I want to display data in QGC or Misson Planner.
There are many difficulties, though.
Is it better to develop a new QGC and use it?
Or, I am wondering if it would be better to check the information sent to me through Pixhawk and RC Telemtry in an EXO-specific verification program.
I want to include the boat route and location information in the EXO2S equipment, but how is there no way?

First of all, thank you.