Is there a way to tune servo/ESC response for each input?

As the title reads, i would like to know if you can use the standard settings and alter individual mixes by input.
for example, i want to use regular programming for a 4 motor quadcopter, i need it to act like a quadcopter for all inputs (like pitch, roll and rudder) but i want to alter the behavior when a front/aft command is given.
is there a way to reverse response for 1 ESC when front aft is given, but keep the default response when an “up” command is given(that would involve the same servo/ESC). I was just kinda wondering out loud, hopefully what i am asking is clear for some of you.

I think you’re looking for a custom motor mix. We don’t support that I’m afraid although it has been discussed a few times. For now, the best you can do is add the mix yourself into the AP_Motors library and then compile the code yourself.