Is there a way to set failsafe servo outputs / custom modes?

Is there a way to define what each channel should go to in the event of failsafe? Throttle seems to be defined, but the others seem to be at the mercy of the RC receiver and it’s failsafe settings.

Also, is there a way to define user-defined functions / modes - similar to “RTL” or “HOLD” but with a defined set of servo outputs. Something that could be used to sequence a petrol/nitro engine start, or a shutdown procedure.

There are some parameters that can be set to accommodate petrol (aka gas/nitro engines)

see … R_SUPP_MAN

see … _PASS_STAB

The APM is only monitoring for radio connection loss, and will enable FS based on that. The best solution is to have no signal out on connection loss. If you want to, you can set the RC Receiver to set know FS values, in this case you could set, say CH7 up as passthru, so the output could trigger like what you are asking, to trigger a shutdown. That said I think the pass thru params above should give you the control you need.

(Note: I haven’t flown a gas plane, so the above is theory on my part, but Tridge (who wrote the code) has)