Is there a way to make the copter think its flying?

You may see my post ‘Crash Log help Please’. There is an intermittent problem that causes my copter to freeze and drop. The logs just stop and are no help. It can go for many flights without a problem and then will happen again. It even now has a new H743 wing and has just frozen again.

I would like to take props off (and possibly replace with a printed bar to give some vibration) and send it off on a long ‘mission’ while its sitting on the floor, until it stops with a battery failsafe or freezes. Hopefully it will be armed and logging to simulate a flight as much as possible.
I know I can do a motor test but its not really ideal.
Ive already rebuilt it 4 times now and im really hacked off with it.
Any ideas?

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If the logs just stop then that is most likely a power issue - check the supply voltage. Given that lots of people use this without issue its almost certainly an electrical issue

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On the Matek H743 the main battery plugs directly into the FC. Its now a new FC, new wires, new connectors and new battery and fault still happening. If it were ESC related the logs should continue, thats why I suspect its one of the peripherals connected and why im asking about doing a long ground test somehow.

I think for what you are trying to test the following might work:

  • Rotate/flip propellers so that all the thrust is going down (pushing aircraft into ground).
  • Strap aircraft to the ground or a bunch of weights somehow.
  • Arm in stabilize and increase throttle to about 50% (or whatever throttle you want to test).
  • Wait and observe.

You might need to turn off the crash failsafe so that it doesn’t think automatically disarm because it thinks it has crashed. You will probably get some errors about motor thrust loss as well (that should be fine).

Was thinking to do that, more or less but would be happier without props. Ill just print some non lifting ‘planks’ to give some vibration and motor resistance.
Would like it to ‘land’ on a battery low volt failsafe but not sure that will stop the props if its already on the ground.