Is there a way to display IMU calibration?

Working different hardware, I discovered a screen that displays the current level of calibration of the IMU’s.

Other than the initial IMU calibration, I’ve never seen a reference in ArduPilot to IMU calibration.

Is there a way to view if for some reason the IMU may need re-calibration?

Why exactly would the IMU need a re calibration if the accelerometer calibration was done correctly?

You can look into IMU temperature calibration as well.

That’s a good question. I don’t know.

All I know is that I have other drone equipment where you can view both the state of the IMU and the compass calibration - to let the operator know if re-calibration is needed.

I’m guessing that if re-calibration was never needed, it would be set at the factory.

Calibration is needed because the final position/attitude of the fc is not known at the factory

I’m not familiar with the details. But it seems to me there are two steps. First - orienting the flight controller to up/down, right side/left side, nose up/nose down. Then there’s the step of what’s level - which would depend on mounting position. I suppose if you have to do the second step in the vehicle, you might as well do both.

I’m still looking for information about checking to see if the calibration needs to be repeated at some point in the future. Would you know any details about that?


No need to repeat it if you do not change the vehicle, ner the way the FC is mounted