Is there a way to display an estimated time of a mission?

I’m constructing a mission I plan to fly tomorrow to test the tune of my copter, and get a good read on the battery utilization. I’ve created set of waypoints, delays, loiter turns, and set the speed for navigating to waypoints. I’d like the mission to go 20 minutes. Is there a function I can use that will have Mission Planner estimate the time it should take for the mission to complete?

Thank you!

Not really a perfect answer to your question, but…

At the risk of stating something you probably already know, I’ll mention that you can see the total length of the mission in the upper left corner on the “Plan” tab of Mission Planner. So, as a rough estimate, you can calculate the time by dividing the speed into the distance. Of course, you will have to compensate for turns, delays, etc.

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Thank you Kenny - yes that’s about what I expected. My mission has delays that are easy to add up - but it also has some loiter_turns. That would require calculating the circumference and applying the speed - probably too much to wish for.

Thanks for reaching out!

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