Is there a way to change UAV icon color?

Is there a way to change UAV icon color?
I’m color blind and the red icon on a green (grass/trees) background is hard for me to make out.

You can change that by overwriting the UAV icon with your own drawing and compiling the source code.

You can find instructions on how to do it in the following link. … uild-Setup

But you don’t want to have all the trouble just send me a new icon with the same size as the following icons and I can build you a custom version: … i/quad.png … /plane.png

Thanks Arthur,
I have attached a version of your quad.png with the red color changed.

I noticed that the battery percentage isn’t reported correctly. Is there something I need to change when using batteries with different mAh?

I build a custom version of DP v1.1.0 with your icon, try to install the attached APK file.

About the battery percentage:
That is calculated inside the APM board, so I can’t control how much APM thinks is a full charge. You have to set that parameter via Mission Planner (it’s on the current/voltage sensing setup).

Newer versions of ArduCopter code will send the mAh consumed, so I’ll be able to show that instead at DP. But until then we have to setup our battery capacity into APM.

I can’t seem to find your attached file… am I missing something?

Hi Arthur,
Check out the image with screen shots from Droidplanner, Mission Planner, and a multimeter and see if can tell what’s going on. The multimeter and Mission Planner are close, but Droidplanner is way different.

You didn’t find it because it wasn’t there :frowning: . Something wrong has happened with the forum file attachment system. Anyway here is it: … rBlind.apk

About the battery problem, it looks like DP didn’t get the necessary MAVLINK packets (that -1 means it has not initilized). Could you try disconnecting and reconnecting? Also are you using an updated version of DroidPlanner ( You can check that on the bottom of the settings menu, it should say v1.1.0)

I uninstalled the original version. It was v1.1.0 that had been automatically updated from an earlier version. I restarted my Nexus 7 and installed the the custom build. It is much easier for me to see the quad icon and the battery is reporting correctly now. Much appreciated, thanks Arthur.

Hi all,

please have a look at: and let me know what you think about the colors.


Red is not a good color for me, red green color blind. The yellow and blue are good.