Is there a vibration issue here?

2017-02-28 10-18-17.bin (1.1 MB)

Hi All,

I’ve recently finished my second quad build and have been doing some initial testing using a joystick (PS4 controller) as the RC input over telemetry.

I used loiter mode to take off as I found the controller difficult to use in stabilise mode. The first flight was alright and I hovered around 2m from the ground for maybe 20 seconds. Used the land mode on channel 8 to bring it back to ground.
The second flight was more problematic. It seemed to have a real issue with pitch control. I’m not sure if this was due to my inputs on the controller or a vibration issue. This led to a little crash with no damage.

I’ve run through the analyse log tool and it’s highlighted a vibration issue. Also plotted Vibe X, Y and Z and saw that they were quite high at the end of the log. I was wondering what’s happened and have thought of these:

  1. The crash caused the vibration issue (crash may have been caused by my inputs causing extreme movements in pitch).

  2. The vibration issue caused the extreme movements in pitch which led to the crash.

  3. Something else.

I’ve attached the .bin file (I think) to try and be helpful.

If you could please help me with this and maybe even tell me what to look out for that would be really useful. I’ve been following the documentation in regards to log analysis and vibration issues so far but am stuck on this bit.

Cheers, Tom

The vibration occurred before the radio failsafe. In stabilize when you raised the throttle the motor output caused high vibrations. Since you where in stabilize mode that should have not been an issue. After that you enter Land mode that looks like it landed the unit.

Looks like once you entered Land mode things went bad probably due to the vibrations. Both Pitch and Roll deviated from each other once you hit Land mode.


Thanks, Mike.

I should have mentioned that after the second take off once I noticed the pitch issues I did panic a bit and hit ‘land’ to try and bring it back to ground safely.

I’ll see what I can do about isolating the board in order to reduce vibrations. Thanks for the help!

Cheers, Tom