Is there a structure/function I can reference that checks if the waypoint has been reached?

I’m in the process of modifying my Mission Planner’s Follow Me code, and I was wondering if anyone knows what function/structure can be called to determine if the current waypoint has been reached? Or if this is possible?

I’m adding a conditional statement that checks to see if the vehicle has reached the waypoint before moving onto the next. This is an attempt to make curve following a little better for my rover setup. I’ve located “Mavlink.mavlink_mission_item_reached_t” which appears to be what I am looking for, but when I try to trace the structure in debug mode an error comes up stating “…reached_t is a type, which is not valid given the current context”

I very well might be referencing it incorrectly since I’m simply trying to output the structure. Any recommendations would be helpful as I’m quite new to this in general.

Sorry if this is the wrong forum!

I also have ever looked for it. I check the ardupilot code. But I just find it on AUTO mode, rather than GUIDED mode. On AUTO mode, when the FC reached one waypoint, it will tell groundcontrol then goto next waypoint.
Usually FOLLOWME mode works when FC on GUIDED mode. Groundcontrol just tell FC where to go, it doesn’t care whether flight control reached.
For mavlink_mission_item_reached, i know it is one of mavlink message.

I noticed that mavlink message today when I was still trying to figure out the problem. I don’t think I know how to properly look for the message because when I trace the Mission_Item_Reached variable, it just continually outputs “Mission_Item_Reached” regardless of whether the waypoint has been reached or not. I’ll keep trying tomorrow and let you know if I find out anything.

you could use distant to wp as a measure?