Is there a reason why the latest H7 autopilots use single core processors?

Hey @tridge
I was just wondering whether the F1 co-processors on autopilots like Cube, Durandal can be replaced with STM32H745/755 line of Micro-controllers running Arm® Cortex®-M7 core and Arm® Cortex®-M4 core? Say, instead of using STM32H743/753 with F1 processor combo, Can’t we use Dual-core STM32H745/755?

Only single core was available when I did the port. Once I have a dual core I can look at adding support. It may be quite complex though.

We were planning on a new autopilot with H7 processor. We were wondering whether Dual-core would be a better option. What are your thoughts?
Thank you!

I’d love to support it. I suspect it will take quite a lot of effort though, so I’m unlikely to get to it soon. The key thing with dual core is getting all the locking right. That is going to be interesting.
There is some discussion here:

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Hey @tridge
Is it possible to use dual-core processor on hardware for now and run only single core till multi-core is supported by ChibiOS?
Thank you.

maybe, I haven’t tried. I don’t have any dual-core H7 to test with