Is there a Rattitude flight mode for Pixhawk?

Thanks in advance
Does anyone know of a Rattitude flight mode for a Pixhawk or APM flight controller? I have been reading just pieces of information online about this?
I know CC3D has a Rattitude mode, but is there one for Pixhawk or APM?

Do you mean in ArduCopter, or in ArduPlane?

Maybe you can answer your own question from the documentation:

With rattitude mode being acro mode when sticks are highly deflected, and stabilized/self leveling mode when sticks are deflected low (to a set percentage, e.g. , the closest in Ardupilot (but not the same) is acro mode with ACRO_TRAINER parameter set to 1. In that case it is self-leveling when sticks are released (0% deflection) and acro otherwise,

Thanks for reply
In arducopter I think the Acro_trainer set to 1 is what Iam looking for.
I have used this before with quads for doing flips, but I have read bits about something like rattitude or Horizion mode in Naze32 in arducopter,but cannot find full story about it?

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