Is there a physical difference between a gimbal and an inverted gimbal?

I’m finishing up a quad right now and I’d like to re-use the parts in a fixed wing build later.

One of the parts I’d like to reuse is the gimbal. I see this on aliexpress: and it’s got me wondering why they’re selling the same gimbal twice. Unless, is there a difference in the hardware that I don’t know about?

Surely to take a gimbal from the bottom of a quadcopter and put it on top of a fixed-wing fuselage, you just to set the MNT1_PITCH_MIN and MNT1_PITCH_MAX values differently, right? (if this is wrong please correct me).

The reason I ask is because I’m having so much trouble with a simpleBGC gimbal that I’m thinking of just buying a STorM32 gimbal, which I know will definitely have a UART port instead of 4 through-hole pins that are only “maybe” a UART port like I currently have. But since the gimbal is ultimately destined to sit on top of a plane… I’d rather buy 1 extra gimbal instead of 2 if I don’t have to.