Is there a manual for DP?

Just wondering if there is any manual for this program. I am having trouble figuring out some items in the program (such as what “record” is about, changing altitude in regard to WPs, why when I set waypoints, I can delete all but one. Or, when I have my waypoints set, exactly how do I tell the copter to begin the trip. I am hesitant to try things by “feel” as I don’t want to crash or hit someone/something, etc. while I try to figure things out. So…any chance there is a manual (even if not a finely polished one).

AND, thanks for what appears to be a great program.

Hey Arthur and Kevin,

I don’t know what you’ve got so far, but if you can produce a reasonable sized manual I will be happy to give each of them a large Wiki page if you would like.

Or if you want just send me links and references to what you would like to include and I will put it together for you if you wish.

I think your programs are very important to us all and that they deserve top billing.

Best Regards,


Hello AUsome, I’m assuming you are Rob J, how posted this: … m_blogpost

[ul]First let me copy a couple of awnsers I posted there, for future reference:
Now to answer a couple of questions:
To set the copter on the planned path, first sent the path to the copter and then start auto mode (via the RC controller or the GCS).
Record is a way to generate a new mission by walking around, your gps positions will be collected an placed as a mission.
Change altitude changes the default altitude of the app, it’sx the altitude used when adding waypoints, and sending GUIDED points.
You are not able to change home location via the GCS, that is set when you arm the copter
To delete only one waypoint swipe it to the side, in the listting at the bottom.
FBW A&B is a plane thing, that list is updated to reflect your current drone type when you connect to something
to do a guided flight you click on a point on the map and the copter will fly to that point
Auto - I recomend that you look at arducopter wiki[/ul]

As for the manual:
First let me say that soon there will be a new release that will facilitate the use a lot. That’s way I’m not caring too much about starting a manual right now. In fact we have a really old issue about that here: … ?source=cc

But I’ll work something out with Gary.

All sounds good. I am looking forward to the update. My copter is currently down for repairs (as you’ve guessed, I’m a newbie and still crashing a lot), but should have her back up tomorrow and I’ll be testing some more. The manner for deleting WPs is nice, but would never have figured it out on my own, so thanks for that. I am still very excited about all this program can do and the potential for even more. Much thanks.