Is the newest MP compatible to the older APM3.01

Hi All,
I try to use one MP to do flight planning for both of my hexas which one is still under APM3.01 and the other is APM3.1. Since the older one (APM3.0.1)is flying so good, I didn’t want to upgrade to the newest APM. Now my question is Can I use the new MP to plan my flight on the APM 3.0.1 or Do I have to use the older MP?
Thanks in advance

You can use the new MP (currently v1.2.95) for both, v3.1 is quite a bit better than v3.0.1 though, you should try it. Save your parameters if you’re worried so you can revert if you really want to but I don’t think it’s even worth staying on v3.0.1.


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