Is the antenna of this Drotek Neo m8t module damaged or is that a normal condition for a new product

I have ordered an uBlox neo m8t module at Drotek. It arrived yesterday in the condition depicted below (the right one). I think that is not acceptable since the other module (the left one) has not the same scratches, marks and is not dirty as this one. I also have several modules from mRobotics which where not delivered in such conditions.
Drotek refuses to acknowledge that the module is in bad condition. What do you think about the condition and should I return it or not?

These light scratches have no effect on the Gps module function , IMO it is just esthetics.

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What about the deep scratch in the upper left corner, that is going through the antenna?
And what about the scratch at the upper right and the missing part of the antenna at the middle right?
The antenna connection in the mittdle does also look somhow strange and not well made if you compare it with the other module.

I do not see in the photo severe defects however I guess that the best thing to convince yourself is to test both modules and see if one have better performances.

The problem is, that these are different modules. The left one is an m8n and the right one is an m8t.

While I am by no means an expert on ceramic antennas, I can share my anecdotal knowledge.

I had GPS antenna which had just a slightly visible crack all the way through, which looked similar to the “scratches” in the bottom left corner. It still worked, but definitely not as good as before. Getting a 3D lock was a game of luck, but the 2D position still worked reliably.

So I would say it really depends on your needs. If you need GPS to be as accurate as possible I would definitely send it back, for “normal” use (flying way points ±1 or 2m) it should be fine.

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Thanks for youre reply! I want to use the data recorded by the module for PPK calculations after the flight and I hope to get a precision of about -+10 cm.

Well, that’s how my damaged module looks like… you can barely see the crack, but it goes all the way through. I’d guess for ± 10 cm accuracy the antenna needs to be perfect, but I have never done PPK calculations, so I don’t know how much they can compensate for any possible measurement errors. Actually my experience were not measurement errors, but the device is just not able to easily “see” as much satellites as before. Or so I think, it has been a while.

Have tried to contact the manufacturer of the device? They should know.

Thank you for the image, I have contacted Drotek and they don’t want to acknowledge the dammage. I have also tried to contact Cirocomm which is the manufacturer of the antenna itself but thes did not anser my questions (yet?).