IS SkyViper V2450 non-GPS version also ArduPilot?

I want to get into modding ArduPilot code. I am looking for an affordable drone where mistakes can be made. Since I am just learning, the GPS aspects are not important yet. I see that there are many V2450 non-GPS versions on sale at Amazon, and I want to make sure that it’s has the same hackability as the GPS version. All the videos I’ve seen on the V2450 are about the GPS version. I am also getting a Quanum Nova to play with, but the SkyViper just look amazing from the videos and reviews, not to mention the value. I am assuming that the SkyViper is a good route for an ArduPilot beginner? I have some Arduino and Raspberry Pi experience. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

No, only the “SkyViper v2450 GPS” can run Ardupilot

Thanks for the info. I will order the GPS version then.

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