Is Revolution (CC3D series) supported by Ardupilot Antenna Tracker

I have flashed different versions of Arduplane and Arducopter to Revolution without problems. But I was denied to flash the Antenna Tracker in Ardupilot.
Can anyone confirm this ?
Thank you.

I don’t know anything about Tracker but did you try to download the .apj file from here Revo and use Mission Planners “load custom firmware” feature to flash it?

Yes, i tried .apj and used flash it to Revo using “load custom firmware”, but did not work.

Thank you for reply.



Maybe try the beta instead of stable? I think the stable (version 1.1) is extremely old now. The beta is 4.3 though so much more up to date.

FYI @peterbarker

Thank you. I will try. But what happen to the versions between v1.1 and the beta v4.3 ? I never saw them in Set up page.