Is Receiver RSSI Supported through SBUS?

I have a receiver that can inject its RSSI onto a channel in its SBUS output.

Can I use ArduCopter and Mission Planner to display that value on Mission Planner?

If so then what parameters need to be set? I’ve tried many different combinations in the RSSI_ parameter area without success.

I’m injecting RSSI onto channel 9, and telling Arducopter that is on channel 9. I’ve tried all of the possible settings on the other RSSI parameters. The RSSI indicator on the HUD remains only at 0.

Thanks for any help. Be well,


Hey , thats simple thing go to pixhawk extended tunning searh for rssi and there is all thing you need to set up, type wich chanel do yuo use for rssi , set min/max voltage , and should run smooth :slight_smile: works for me :slight_smile: x8r