Is PXFMini a stable platform?

I’m interested in building up an APM:Plane with a Linux-based autopilot. The PXFMini looks appealing due to the overall size. Is this a stable platform that’s well supported by the trunk code?

I’ve built several Pixhawk setups with Raspberry Pi or similar companion computers, but I’m intrigued by something that more tightly integrates the CC and autopilot. I’m open to suggestions for other Linux/APM platforms that might be a better option than the PXFMini.


The other option is the NAVIO2 board from Emlid. It work with the Pi2/3 It physically bigger.

I have both, but i need to test them… been busy with other projects.

Thanks, Bill. I’d love to hear if you get time to test. Navio2 looks great (albeit a bit expensive). I’m trying to see if there’s a direction for APM on Linux at the moment or if it’s largely experimental.

Hi James,

you may look at my DIY project BBBmini. BBBmini is a Beagle Bone DIY ArduPilot Cape. I have completed over 80 flights this year without a crash. I would call it reliable. There is a BBBmini user group, chat and a forum available to get support. BBBmini can use the new MPU-9250 fast sampling 4kHz ACC, 8 kHz Gyro. Maybe you will give it a try.


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Looks interesting! Seems like more community support than most other Linux APM boards I’ve seen. And I like your approach of using 0.1" headers, I get tired of finding all these unique micro connectors. I’ll keep it in mind!

I’m very interested in building a drone with PocketPilot.
I have some doubts:
is there or is there going to be any option to buy PCB, just like it happened with BBBmini?
Is there a step-by-step to noob in linux like me? Well I’m not so noob, I work with telecommunications, I give some commands on linux routers …:wink:
But a step-by-step would be very welcome!
And finally, my real intention: Mission Planner + Telemetry and Video via 4G LTE.

Hi Fabio,

there will be a ready build PCB available for the PocketPilot. You can check this site for a step by step instruction: . I already used a BBBmini with 3G USB dongle + VPN to a RPI with Mavproxy at home without problems. Video transmission via BBB CPU could be / will be problem, the CPU load will get to high.


Hello, any news about PocketPilot PCB?