Is position hold when hoovering in acro mode possible?

Hello, I am new here and can not figure out, if APM:Plane supports also hoovering and position hold, when hoovering (airplane axis vertical, no speed, probably in Acro mode?). Thanks for any help!

Not sure what your asking. Plane’s don’t really hover unless your talking a hybrid VTOL. They can LOITER around a certain point. That’s possible. See the doco here:

Thanks, Grant.

Thank you for the link, Grant!
Well, it is for a VTOL plane, and it should keep its position, if LOITERing is +/- 1m or more it is not good enough for my application, I need something like +/- 0.5m or less. I think the APMPlane is better than APMCopter to start with, just not sure, how to make the plane to hoover precise.