Is Pixhawk 6C/6X compatible to Pixhawk 4?


Is Pixhawk 6c or 6X 100% compatible with Pixhawk 4? In other words, can I replace a Pixhawk 4 with a 6c or 6X in a copter or rover without losing any functions of the autonomous vehicle? The description of the 6C says “It comes with PX4 Autopilot® pre-installed.” but I am not sure what it means. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

6C or 6X both use a H7 STM32 compared with the Pixhawk 4 that uses a F7. The 6X and 6C both also use newer sensors than the 4 so that is also a plus. You would lose no functionality by switching to either of those. I see they have new flight controller out that accommodates a CM4. To bad those are like unicorns right now!!

That means it comes with the PX4 flight stack firmware not Ardupilot but it’s a simple matter to flash Ardupilot. Then it’s an upgrade form the Pixhawk4 with the same functionality.