Is it possibleto transfer configuration files to new PIXHAWK

Is it possible to transfer the configuration files from a pixhawk to a newly purchased pixhawk?

If so, how or what steps need to be taken to do that?

It’s real easy. Using Mission Planner’s “Config/Tuning” tab, go to the Full Parameters listing. It will give you an option in the upper right of the screen to save your current parameters. Use this to save parameters from the old Pixhawk.

After you connect the new Pixhawk, you can use that same screen to read the parameters from the file you saved, then write them to the new Pixhawk. I’d recommend using the “Compare” option as it shows you all the differences between what’s currently on your Pixhawk and what the parameters are in the saved file, and lets you pick which of the many parameters you want to load. I don’t load things like old accel or magnetometer offsets as the individual electronic components between two Pixhawks may be a little different. I go though the usual calibrations to get these for a new Pixhawk. But I load all the other settings like PIDS, flight modes, declination, etc.

In general it’s good to save your parameters in this manner every now and then in case something happens to your setup and you need to revert to older parameters.

Thank you much.