Is it possible to use Pixhawk as an INS device?

Hello everyone, for a project I am working on I need an INS (Inertial Navigation Sensor), most of the INS sensors that I’ve come across are quite expensive and the ones that are affordable don’t really work that well (I got one of them). I was thinking if it is possible to use a pixhawk for that purpose. I would use the pixhawk to log the position (GPS), velocity (GPS+IMU fused), orientation (IMU), and acceleration (IMU) values to some form of storage/memory. I know that the pixhawk has all of those sensors and I know that ardupilot has good sensor fusion algorithms to use that data. Is it possible to log that data to let’s say an SD card (which I know the pixhawk supports) and convert it to a csv/txt file as it usually logs it to a custom binary file. I know that it is possible to convert px4 log files as there is a custom python utility for it. Is there something similar for ardupilot? Is it possible to log the data without using the other functionalities of the pixhawk?

Would be great if someone could help.

Yes, yes, and yes. All is possible, and you can convert the .bin log files fromm the SDcard into .mat matlab files using ardupilog and mission planner can probably generate the .csv files you want.

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