Is it possible to send external commands to APM?

Hi everyone, newcomer here. I would like to know if it is possible to interface with APM from another application running on the same computer.

Example: I want to listen to GPS coordinates from an internet location and, as soon as there is a new GPS location added on the database the drone will:

  • Fly to that location
  • Hover the location
  • Drop a package
  • Return to base

If I design an application which receives the GPS coordinates from the internet, how could I interface it with APM? I read about MavLink on other threads, but it seems that it has not been updated in a while. Would MavLink still the way to go?


Mavlink is being updated all the time. Using Mavlink it is possible to program a Mission and have it fly it. You can also use Guided mode along with Mavlink to program it on the fly if need be.
I have used Mavlink to read the position of one quad and have it adjust the position of another quad.


Ah, you’re right, I just checked their github and code is being updated very often.

I had gotten that impression from their homepage, but will double check it

Hi, I have a familiar idea like yours except it’s not package dropping, it’s more to go to a location and observe and return.
I would like to know if you make it happen if the answer is yes I would really appreciate any help from you.