Is it possible to select mission alternatives from the ground during flight?

I don’t see any commands that support controlling a mission during flight based on the whims of a ground operator.

A simple example would be that I want to takeoff automatically and perform a mission. At some point, I will need to land. Depending on the weather, I’d might like to land to the south or the north.

The easy way to allow this (at least to my untrained eye) would be to provide an action for the Mission Planner “Actions” tab on the Flight Data page. The action would be "Jump to mission command “n”. Select the action, enter the value of the command you want to jump to, and hit execute command.

If this was the case, I could have a set of commands, starting at command n, that land the plane to the south. And another set, starting at a different command, that land the plane to the north. I’d probably always setup at least three sub-missions to bracket the middle of my flights:

  1. A take-off sub-mission ending in a loiter

  2. A “land to south” sub-mission

  3. A “land to north” sub-mission

Am I missing an existing capability that supports this?



it is possible to change the current target wp inflight. however all the preplanning would need to be done on the ground prior to flight. and the wp offsets recorded.

Thanks for the answer! And your conditions seem reasonable…

How does one change the current target waypoint?

Say I create the following set of waypoints:

WP Task
1 Auto Take Off
2 Fly to X
3 Fly to Y
4 Fly to Z
5 Jump to 2
10-14 Fly circuit around field, auto land to south
20-24 Fly circuit around field, land to north

What do I do on the ground station to move from executing the loop of WP 2,3,& 4 and get to WP10 or WP20?


firstly you would need something in 6-9 etc. could just be RTL multiple times though if you wanted.

in MP > flightdata > actions.

you can pick a wp, and goto it.


Thanks for pointing it out. I swear I looked for such a command, but I couldn’t find it. My apologies :frowning:

If the Mission Planner command to set a new WP target is executed while the plane is not in an auto mode (say RTL or loiter), I assume that the new WP target is stored and will be executed immediately if/when the mode is changed to “auto”.

I know I’m backsliding on my earlier statement about your reasonable conditions…but I’m now wondering why I can’t also change the WPs stored on the aircraft while it is in a non-auto mode. I understand that it’s hazardous to change them while executing in “auto”. But, if I’m parked in Loiter, I can write WPs, then read them back and compare (to verify correctness of the write). After that, I can write the WP counter and finally switch back to auto. This seems like the proper kit of tools to enable automated flying that is fully controllable from the ground in flight.