Is It Possible To Run the Drone with Only Telemetry and Ground Station?

Hello dear community members, I want to learn that can I run my drone with only telemetry or not. It means I have no radio receiver and transmitter but I will buy a telemetry module and connect the drone with my computer then I will manage it with ground station. Is it possible? The flight controller is pixhawk 2.4.8.

Yes, it is possible. You will need to disable the radio failsafe parameters, and pre-arm checks.

But if something goes wrong, you will not have a safety net. Do it at your own risk.

Besides that according to some laws in some countries that is prohibited. Inform yourself about the laws in your country.

PS. Please update to ArduCopter 4.0.7-rc1 using the mission planner beta upload feature. ArduCopter 3.6 is outdated.

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Thank you so much Amilcar. I actually will design it as a boat. The softwares are available for boats? Is there any safety setting on mission planer or on other ground station for this duty?

Of course we support boats as well. I think you should read the documentation.

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Firstly thank you so much for editing my post Amilcar. I hope I will learn this community as soon as possible. I already read the documentation but I will read them again. I know I need to choose it as rover in first page. Thank you for everything again.