Is it possible to override AC_WPNav with own location data in ArduCopter?

Hey, Im kinda new here.

I’m trying to make my own follow system, where I got an ESP32 to send some real time location data to the Orange Cube+ where the drone is meant to follow this real time location.

Would it be possible to save the location data as an object of the “Location class”(location.h) and use as an input in the “set_wp_destination_loc()” function from the WaypointNavigator file? (AC_WPNav.cpp line 246-258)

If I unerstand correctly, flying in guided mode and enabling the boolean “use_wpnav_for_position_control()” should set a waypoint at my location data and fly to it.

Is this even possible, and am I on track or should I do something completely different?