Is it possible to only give direction to the drone while the flight control remains automatic

We have 3 drones. These drones will move from point a to point b on different routes and during this movement they will communicate with each other and complete their missions. manually controlled drones without autopilots will be used during this movement. can we install a command on the controller that will allow us to leave these routes or is there another way?

You want to manually control the yaw and let the autopilot control the position?
Yes, that is possible.

How can i do this?
Because I’m a little confused. There is no autonomous control compatibility in my drone. should i add a module myself?

I am also confused. You didn’t answer my question. And I still do not understand your problem.

Are you even using ArduPilot firmware? If not, you’re likely asking the wrong crowd of folks for help.

Firstly, we want 3 drones to go from point a to point b on different routes. We will set the communication protocols for this. However, we do not want to control it to go on the route we want. The drones we will buy do not have autonomous control compatibility. I mean, is it possible to add an autonomous control module to these drones using ardupilot or upload a command to the remote control and move it on that route? Or at least, is it possible to provide flight automatically and give direction with the remote control?

Answer is no. Of course no.
You can upload a new route but the drone will still have the old mission on ram.
But what you can do it set it another mode, for example brake or poshold. Then set back to auto it should goes to the new route. But its very dangerous as you are setting things on the go while your drone is flying, you could make mistake easily.

And you do need to buy an Ardupilot compatible flight controller and install it on the drone.