Is it possible to make a sharp dive during auto flight?

This is a rather funny picture.
This is an extreme example.

With an auto mission altitude like this, can my airplane make a steep altitude dive?

Of course, there will be limits due to physical problems, but I want to achieve rapid altitude changes up to that limit.

For example, airplane may be possible if its pitch angle is dropped close to -80 degrees and the throttle is raised to 100 percent.

I’ve seen a lot of people do stunts like this with manual flight.

The example above is also an extreme example.
If it is possible for a human to operate, I wonder what it would be like during an auto mission.

Hi Ricoman,

I’m having the same issue. Steep Dive is not going thru. The waypoints are followed but the dive is not happening. Were you able to get this resolved ?

Cheers !

There is something like a limiter on the parameters.
Adjusting this makes the airplane dive at 90 degrees. But it looks very risky.