Is it possible to do mission(s) with time schedule?

Hello guys,
I want to make a mission or missions (more than one mission) with time schedule. For example I want to do the waypoint mission at certain time. If this is possible how to do that? The next question is how to do the same mission several times (for example at 6.00 AM, at 1 pm and at 8 pm… So there must be a date and hour and minute in every mission.
So I want to do automatic monitoring system with drone.
Any advice is highly appreciated.
Thank you.

Yes, but not with the missions in auto mode, you can do that using either lua scripting on 2MB flash FCs having support for SD card or need to use a companion computer attached to FC

A couple ways you can do something close to that with functionality in Mission Planner.
First set these:

This will run the same mission at the UTC times shown (19:01, 19:05 and 19:10). Here they are 5 minutes apart, they can be anything you want.

This will takeoff at a UTC time (19:19) run the mission then delay a set time (300 seconds) and loop that twice.

You can test these for yourself with Mission Planners Simulator.

Or get a companion computer :grinning:


The tricky part is not the mission automation, but to keep your uav powered on and ready to fly between missions. Also fully automated missions without human supervision (by a competent pilot) is a big NO NO in either EASA and FAA regulations.

I didn’t know that one can set global timestamps for missions in auto mode like that, learned something new

Thank you Dave, this is interesting… This is what I am looking for at the moment , a simple but effective solution. I will make a test.
Legal is important but at the moment I want to discuss only from technical point of view… Thank you for all your comments guys…