Is it possible to copy and past way point lat long?

Is it possible to copy and paste lat long values for a waypoint? I tried the usual windows method and so far no luck. For example, I want to add a DO_SET_ROI between several way points using the same Lat Long…

I actually figured it out. If you click on the latitude once it highlights the whole field. If you click on it a second time, it highlights only the latitude numbers themselves. Once this happens you can right click and copy and then click on the new field and right click and paste the values. Same of course for the longitude.

This is very handy for the times when you want to use the same Lat/Long values for multiple waypoints like the DO_SET_ROI command that - for now - has to be entered between each waypoint. If you have lots of waypoints, that is a LOT of lat long numbers to write!

Mission Planner is a SUPER tool. Thanks to all who make it happen!