Is it possible to change home position in MP

Im newbie using MP and test auto mode in MP at my university

but need to change home position cuz i need meter-precise position accuracy.

i read some articles about it but these are quite old.

so in firmware 4.0++, is it okay just to drag home position to change home position? or i have to do more things like applying custom files uploaded in github?

sry for messy question but im quite urgent…
thank you

Hi Hyunuk

If you right click on the location where you want your home to be on the map there you will find an option called set the home here and that will set the home location for your vehicle.

Best Regards

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On the “plan” window in mission planner the home location is shown on the right of the screen. It can be updated to the current location by clicking the text above the coordinate boxes

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Thank you for your help. I will try this!

This is ok for planning missions, but the home position will be set when you arm and fly.

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Hi Shawn.

You’re right. We couldnt change our actual home position after arming it.
However we solved this problem by changing all the other waypoints exactly wrong way along the wrong home position.
It followed quite well.

Thank you for your reply.

Look up Rally Points if you wish to force failsafe landing at an alternate location

Can we desable this feature? Means when we arm the vehicle no need to set the home position automatically.